Mixed Mini Gin Selection (5cl) Pack of 3

Mixed Mini Gin Selection (5cl) Pack of 3

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This mixed pack of our 5cl mini bottles of gin make for the perfect gin, or for tasting! 

Included is:

Rosies Garden Gin - 42.5% abv.
It is a true pink gin with eccentric juniper notes, luscious wild and sweet strawberries infuse with a tartness of raspberries, balanced by lingering lavender and camomile. Bottled at 42.5%

Shortcross Classic Gin - 46% abv. 
This is a classic juniper led gin bottled at 46% with a big oily mouthfeel and long smooth finish.

Shortcross Bartenders Edition - 43% abv.
Featuring apples, blackberries and pears  from our Walled Garden with a twist of raspberry and grapefruit.

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