Peated Single Malt 7 Year Old

Peated Single Malt 7 Year Old

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The Shortcross Peated Single Malt 7 Year Old matured in Cognac & Orange Liqueur Casks.


  • Shortcross Peated Single Malt 7 Year Old Cognac & Orange Liqueur Cask5 Year Old Irish Whiskey has been proudly distilled, matured and bottled at Rademon Estate Distillery in County Down.

  • Matured exclusively in casks that had previously held a Cognac & Orange Liqueur for a minimum of 7 years before being carefully blended together by our Director of Distilling & Blending David Boyd-Armstrong.

  • This is the first time that this cask type has been used in the Irish whiskey industry, if not the world whiskey, making this a truly unique expression.

  • Double distilled for depth of flavour on copper pot stills, including one of the smallest whiskey stills on the island of Ireland.

  • Non-chill filtered, all natural colour.

  • ABV 46%

Tasting Notes:


Orange blossom, fresh mint and tropical fruits while walking through a summer garden.


Orange notes lead, as the malt makes an appearance.  Milk chocolates combines with orange & mint, as the smokes shines.


Sweet smoke and chocolate orange combine, giving a long rich and oily finish with hints rancio coming through.

Shortcross Single Malt 7 Year Old Cognac & Orange Liqueur Cask Irish Whiskey


Release #:                               Shortcross Peated Single Malt 7 Year Old Cognac & Orange Liqueur Cask Irish Whiskey

Distillery Name:                       Rademon Estate Distillery, Co. Down

Spirit Type:                              Double Distilled – Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Still Type:                                1,750L Copper Pot Still

Distilled by:                             David Boyd-Armstrong

Release Date:                       Spring 2024

Age Statement:                       7 Years Old

%ABV:                                    46.0%

Chill Filtered:                           No

Caramel Colouring:                 No

Maturation Cask Type:           Cognac & Orange Liqueur barrels.

Barley Origin:                          Peated Malted Barley produced in Scotland.

Phenol Level:                          55ppm at mashing.

Water Source:                         Rademon Estate Aquifer

Fermentation Time:                 160 to 180 Hours.

Cask Filling Strength:             Still Strength plus 69%ABV

Cask Filled by:                        Fiona Boyd-Armstrong

                                                David Boyd-Armstrong

Maturation:                              Rademon Estate Distillery, Co Down.

Bottling:                                   Rademon Estate Distillery, Co Down.


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